As awareness  as well as awakening is all about progress and not perfection, I will continue to  grow and learn my whole life and invite you to follow my journey here.


As Bob Dylan sang; "Times  they are a changin'"

Digital, instead of notebooks - writing in English, even though it is not my mother tongue. 

Having lived in and traveled to so many different countries, I choose English which is the language most can understand.

Letting go of my perfectionism - writing as means of reflection - communication- sharing- wanting to make a difference simply by being me!





Av | mar 15, 2016 |

Maybe time for an update? Ever since this year begun, a year that started with such an intense experience of physical nerve pain due to a neck injury, I have listened inward to a greater extent that ever before in my life. Despite pain and discomfort, I have learnt to just be with what is,…

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I’m obviously no blogger …..

Av | feb 14, 2016 |

I have come to the conclusion that there is a big difference between writing and writing, and that I am no blogger.  I do still write on an almost daily basis in my journal, those writings, though, do not need to be edited nor understood by anyone, but myself and I therefore can just let my…

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Time to be real

Av | sep 19, 2015 |

If I am going to do this, aka share my journey, there is one point that is crucial, sharing my truth, even in times when it is not all beautiful and positive! My current truth is that I am frustrated and have a hard time joyfully accepting what is. I track, I already have a…

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And an other step has been taken …

Av | sep 18, 2015 |

The universe is on my side! Until now there was nobody who could take over the project responsibility for ”Skapande Skola” aka Creative School – a government funded project opportunity that I have run for the past 5 years which was the last piece of my responsibilities toward the school I have taught at for…

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Every breath a new beginning

Av | sep 13, 2015 |

Since I was a teenager I have been keeping a journal. My writings have been foremost for myself, yet with an undercurrent knowing, that maybe one day, I would write a proper book. I actually started that endeavour a couple years ago, yet life and all other commitments have come in between. Maybe one day I…

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AiM in Switzerland

Av | aug 6, 2015 |

So looking forward to teach/guide in Switzerland again. This time in collaboration with amazing Tanja Schaffer that I have gotten to know through the HeartIQ work we both are involved and trained in. Never before have I experienced such ease when creating something together with an other – pure joy from day one! In this workshop…

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Av | jul 12, 2015 |

My medicine  What a joy to be dancing for 10 days. I feel so alive when I am really inhabiting my body and not just walk around like a talking head. Deeply grateful to all on the dance floor who were so present and o committed to take a deep look at self, which we…

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Exploring The Self

Av | jul 6, 2015 |

Exploring the self Sitting at Stockholm Arlanda Airport waiting for my third flight of the day feeling so deeply grateful for the amazing 10 days spent dancing in northern Spain. 66 lovely, committed human beings from 17 different countries exploring the different aspects of human nature through the dance, ritual theater and other processes. Lovingly held…

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Feeling Blessed

Av | jun 20, 2015 |

Enjoying the peace of my small summerhouse at the ocean. Listening to natures music, waves and birdsong, feeling the warm rays of the sun gently caressing my skin. I have so longed for this company. Giving thanks to life for all these gifts that are all around if I just take time to notice and…

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School’s out for Summer….

Av | jun 18, 2015 |

Still playing around trying to figure out all the do’s and don’t’s in WordPress. Good thing is that ”School’s out for Summer”. This time around everything feels a bit different, after teaching every semester for the past 19 years, I will not go back to teaching this fall. Wow – can hardly believe it to…

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