Enjoying the peace of my small summerhouse at the ocean. Listening to natures music, waves and birdsong, feeling the warm rays of the sun gently caressing my skin. I have so longed for this company. Giving thanks to life for all these gifts that are all around if I just take time to notice and feel.

Amazed by the calm feeling inside, the trust that everything will be ok. So many times in life I have let my mind lure me into the trapp of lack. Having focus on what I thought I needed to be happy instead of feeling the joy of what is. Very grateful that today has an other flavor!

I feel truly blessed, this moment in time I am at peace. Yes, I know, life is riding a wave and days when I will have doubt as my companion will come again for sure, yet nothing is constant - good to remember both in ups and downs!

Have a beautiful day!



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