HEART INTELLIGENCE & it's key assumptions

You are whole as you are, you don't need fixing and you are not broken.

The processes shared are not about getting rid of anything; in fact the more you make something wrong and deny it, the stronger it holds onto you. When you can claim all of who you are, without collapsing and making any one part your true identity then that which you thought was holding you back ceases to control you.

Sustainable change can only come about when you first accept who you are as you are without making it wrong; to access and express more of who you are, you first need to love what is.

You have ‘Heart Intelligence’ and an ‘Authentic Self’ within you that is far more deep and vast and than your mind centered identity.

You were born with so much access to the range of sensorial, emotional, energetic and intuitive experiences possible in life. You were born powerful and fully alive.

Pretty soon you had experiences that were far less than loving and supportive to openness and authenticity. To avoid the pain of such disconnection you disconnected from it becoming identified with your mind’s judgments and society’s conditioning and less practiced in ‘Heart Intelligence’.

Heart Intelligence is the art of remembering, integrating and practicing the 4 skills of Listening to your heart, Following your heart, Opening your heart and Communicating from your heart.

Your Authentic Self is who you are being when you are aligned with your deepest truth about yourself.

Heart Intelligence is not only about the intelligence of your heart, it is about the intelligence of every part of your being combined as a whole.

Your physical body has intelligence as does your life force or energy and your emotional body and your intuition as well as your mind and all of those aspects of you interact with the world and have information for you to live a more integrated, authentic and enjoyable life. The key is to listen to and follow the information on all these levels in the present moment; not what happened in your body 10 minutes ago or what you felt last night but what is moving RIGHT NOW.

It is enjoyable and life is richer when you listen to and follow your heart. 

When you get still, listen to and act from the guidance of your heart's intelligence (beyond all that is spinning in your mind) you will feel more in life, receive more from others and give more of yourself to the world.

The purpose of life is to follow your joy.

You don't need to focus on understanding your blocks and fixing your issues. When you get clear on what you truly want and keep moving in the direction of your deepest joy then  your 'issues' will emerge as roadblocks to navigate and move through.

You have a life time of strategies built up to defend yourself from experiencing too much joy.

If you follow your pain, you can get lost in it. If you follow your joy, your pain will show up to be healed but not to take you off course. 

Stillness and Embodiment are key practices to come back to at any time; they are the foundation of this work.

They are qualities needed throughout this course and your life to experience the sustainable change you want.

Stillness is required to listen to, follow and act on your heart’s intelligence. There is stillness also in movement, it is a not just a physical stillness, it is a settling, an internal slowing down and allowing things to settle so you can see clearly and act consciously.

Embodiment means to establish and keep a strong relationship with your body. Without embodiment you can understand concepts intellectually or connect to a truth spiritually but not ground that into your physicality. Without embodiment you can be aware of and access what you know consciously but not the deeper truth you were unconscious to. Without embodiment the energy of what you share can be experienced as flat and lacking in juice or truth.

A key step to creating any change is to be aware of what is going on for you in any given moment

You can't change anything before you know what is really going on for you now. A key is to know what you are feeling and thinking and what is holding you back in any moment.  Knowing what is moving in the moment allows you to discern between what is conditioning and what is true. You can then know what is your heart’s longing rather than what you are conditioned to think is the next step for you. Knowing what is allows you to know what you want next.

There is no permanent state of enlightenment and this course isn’t supplying quick fixes or ‘magic pills’.

When you want to bring about a real transformation in your life consistent practice is required to integrate new ways of being in the world.  The key is coming back to the present moment, right now and practicing again.

Empowerment comes through embodiment.

True empowerment is not about pushing through to a goal, it is about embodying the state of being you need to come into in order for you to be the person who then does what is needed for you to have what you want.

Embodiment is experiencing and expressing the qualities you want in your body, feeling the essence of what you want in your body rather than keeping it as an intellectual idea of a goal.

 Clarity emerges after you make a decision

Clarity about whether an action is right for you often won't emerge until after you take the first step.

Take action and experience it. Deciding on a step to take and taking it is a part of the process of discerning your heart’s longing. Take action and then get still again. When you take a step to follow your heart and then listen to your heart again, the next step will be revealed.

You open your heart in relationship with others

By sharing your experience with others, really being seen and felt by others and receiving them, you have more access to where you are at, what your heart desires and what is holding you back. It is through relationship that you know yourself.

Meeting in circle with the common intention to connect to and share what is present and real creates an amplified field

The amplified field is the space of heightened energy that is created when the whole group focuses their attention on their own and each others hearts.

The amplified field amplifies everything, it shows you to yourself, deepening your capacity to know more of who you are, access your deeper desires and have the courage to take inspired action.

The amplified field is like a lever to make your transformation easier and accelerate your awakening.

You are me cleverly camouflaged as you

What you see in another is within you, you may not have access to it in the present moment but it is within you.

In the amplified field of the circle this concept is taken further. Everyone else present on the calls are there for you, perfectly representing a part that is within you.

By holding space for other members of the circle as they access and integrate the qualities that seem out of range for you, you have more access to those qualities yourself. Everyone else becomes your ‘medicine’ and your breakthrough to a new is taking place even as others are taking space.