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“Joy is the result of accepting who you are, as you are, without making any part of you wrong.” 

Christian Pankhurst, Founder of Heart IQ™

Key intentions of Heart IQ


The practice of heart Intelligence is designed to support you to


Listen to your heart:

Get still enough to witness what is really going on within you. Connect with the messages of your deeper, more authentic self and discern between your truth and the conditioning you are so often immersed in. See yourself & Know yourself.


Follow your heart:

Take the inspired action that comes directly from the wisdom of listening to your heart. Continuously take steps to move along the path of your authentic self. Live your truth.


Open your heart:

Open up to letting more of life in and letting more of who you really are out. Embody and expand your range of emotional, energetic and relational expression. Let life in and be seen in your fullness.


Communicate from your heart:

Dare to be vulnerable and communicate what is real for you to others in a way that lands. See and feel others beyond the stories that everyone creates about ourselves and others. Connect from your heart.

What makes Heart IQ™ so powerful is its simplicity.

Instead of complex psycho-analysis, the entire body of work is built upon four simple yet essential questions:


  • What are you feeling?
  • What do you want?
  • What do you need from others?
  • What’s holding you back?


In essence, the answers to these questions, if answered openly and honestly, can take anyone from a place of not feeling good in life to a place that instantly feels better.

The Heart IQ™ Method does not focus on finding issues and ‘stuff’, but rather puts the attention on finding your heart’s true joy in the moment.

Doing this work in small groups allows the individuals in the circle to benefit from the powerful amplifying effects of the Heart IQ™ Amplified Field. In an amplified field, as you can guess, whatever you pay attention to gets magnified. This is the power that your focused love and attention wields.

How it works is that as you receive the group’s heart-centered attention in circle, in that moment, you will experience an amplification effect - of everything! Everything becomes clearer, more defined, and it becomes easier to feel yourself and others. It’s a wonderful feeling and a little overwhelming to the nervous system if you’re new to it. That’s why it’s the job of the facilitator to ensure that the space is safe for you to explore these four questions in an open-hearted field of possibilities, steering the group away from heady debates, judgements and attempts to ‘fix the problem.’ The group’s job is to stay present and focused on what matters to your heart.

In the hands of a great facilitator, the amplified field can create an experience of deeper presence, connectedness and joy that goes beyond what most people are used to experiencing. In this place, you can experience whatever you want - the possibilities are literally endless!

Do you want to amplify your charisma? Go for it! Want to amplify your femininity? It’s yours! Want to amplify your playfulness? You can have it! Want to amplify your depth and wisdom? … Hopefully, you get the picture! Once a resonant field has been created, the potential for awakening is unlimited. That’s why I love this model so much. It’s both profound and enjoyable - and completely transferable for upgrading the quality of your life!