"When you follow your bliss....doors will open where you would not have thought"

Joseph Campbell


My gift through words of an other...

Jenny creates a safe container for the development of one's authentic self with her passionate, embodied and grounded, loving no-nonsense teaching style. Everything is welcomed, held and loved. Jenny is a truly original and powerful woman. Her dance describes well who she is in the world and the passion and commitment she has towards the people she works with regardless of age or background.

Why I do what I do.....

Ever since I was quite young, I was born 1960 and grew up in Switzerland and Sweden, I have been fascinated by human nature and been eager to understand and make sense of both myself and the people around me.

My early years were quite bumpy, with many occasions to interpret my reality as something being wrong with me. I hid my wounds behind a cheerful and witty outside.

The older I got the more difficult it became to live a lie and I self-medicated. Bulimia and rigorous physical activity became my mechanisms to cope with my pain, yet, I was also painfully aware of me not living fully and not living my truth.

My quest for answers started, fueled by my longing to heal and understand:


What makes us tick & what makes us sick?  

How can we, and how do we dare, live and fully be who we are? 

How do we blossom and live our life from the heart trusting, that no matter what, we are lovable, we are ok!


I started to look for practices that help us conquer the fear that we are nothing, that we are separate and that some day, someone will pop our bubble.....    

After having gotten my masters degree at age 23, I moved to America looking for ways to heal my own wounded heart, soul and body. I wanted to find out how body, mind and soul affect each other, find an answer to why it can be so painful to be a human being.

In America I hit bottom, and got in touch with a many different therapeutic modalities and spiritual practices.

My own healing process made a big leap and I wanted to pass on to others what had helped me and became a trained bodyworker. 

1989 I met Gabrielle Roth and the 5Rhythms® for the first time. A powerful dancing healing urban shaman dressed in black. I felt at home.

5Rhythms® is the practice that deepened my understanding of self and I experienced profound healing which later led to me train to become a certified teacher.

Driven by a deep longing to love myself fully and to understad human nature on as many levels as possible my journey always continues!

In 2010 I  met Christian Pankhurst for the first time. From the very first moment I knew that I had hit gold again, Christians teaching was not just for a weekend, but a joy-bringing practice for life! Ever since I have been part of the community, participating, practicing, studying, living Heart IQ! Creating a life I do not want to take a vacation from!

Heart IQ, living from the heart, is a transformative way of life, where I have been honored to supervise trainings and also offer my 5Rhythms® work at retreats, the Heart Summits and LRY.

Together Heart IQ & 5Rhythms® create a recipe for a life where joy can be experienced no matter what is going on!

In all that I bring into this world,

whether it is being with my family and friends or showing up as a teacher of the 5Rhythms®, Heart IQ Coach, Heart Circle facilitator, Inspirational Speaker, bodywork practitioner or teaching school (theatre, drama & communication)


I have one intention, to create a safe space for growth and self-exploration,to be a messenger of love, to give everyone I come in touch with the possibility to experience that each and every one of us is worth and worthy to be loved! That no matter what, life is a gift worth living!


I long to share the tools with you that have enabled me to, most of the time, show up, be present, be clear, heart-centered, connected, embodied and authentic.


"We cannot teach people anything, we can only help them discover it within themselves."  

Galileo Galilei


The University of Life, every breath, every experience, every human meeting, my parents, my partner, my children have been my greatest teachers, yet here are some of the other places where I have acquired knowledge:

  • International Bodybuilding Federation - Instructor (1982)
  • Umeå University Sweden,  MA of Arts in Language Education (1984)  and Drama Pedagogy (1996)
  • The Reiki Center Los Angeles - Reiki level 1 & 2 (1987)
  • Institute for psycho- structural balancing, Santa Monica.USA - Massage Therapist -Classical Massage, trigger point work etc. (1987)
  • Body Mind Institute, Los Angeles, USA - Body Mind Integrator/ Postural Integrator – deep restructuring bodywork, Gestalt & Reichian (1989)
  • White Lotus Yoga Foundation, Santa Barbara, USA - Basic Hatha Yoga Instructor (1989)
  • Stanislav Grof, Hollotropic Breathwork, America and Europe (1990)
  • Master Miki Chong, Sweden- Tai Chi Long Chen Yang form  (1996)
  • Chinese Qi Gong and Tai Chi Center Sweden - medical Chi Gong Instructor (1998)
  • Thalamus, Uppsala, Sweden - Medicine for alternative practitioners (2002)
  • Gabrielle Roth & The Moving Center School, New York and San Francisco (1989 and onwards)  - Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher (2008)
  • DOCH University of Dance and Circus Stockholm - Dance with focus on special education (2011)
  • Tej Steiner - Heart Circle Process & Facilitator Training (2012)
  • Christian Pankhurst, HeartIQ Academy,  HeartIQ Mastery Coach & Facilitator  aka Level 1 & Level 2 Practitioner (2012/2013)
  • Jonathan Horan & 5Rhythms Global - 5Rhythms Heartbeat Level Certification (2014/2015)
  • HeartIQ Academy, Level 3 Prectitioner (2015)