Still playing around trying to figure out all the do's and don't's in WordPress. Good thing is that "School's out for Summer".

This time around everything feels a bit different, after teaching every semester for the past 19 years, I will not go back to teaching this fall.

Wow - can hardly believe it to be true as this has been something I have wanted for so many years, yet not wanted to abandon the students who had already started in my classes. The past 3 years I have gradually cut down and not take on any new students - now the time was here where I did my last production with my last students , at least for the time being.

So much freedom infront of me, freedom that will require a new level of discipline which remnids me of a quote by my dear teacher Gabrielle Roth "Do you have the discipline to be a free spirit?"

Do I? Time will tell, my intention is find discipline that comes out of wanting, not a rigid must out of fear of failure. Yes to be living from a place of longing, wanting, desiring is my want, longing and desire!

Embarking the mystery!

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