"Everything alive has a dance, your only task is to find yours.” 

Gabrielle Roth


5Rhythms® develops your ability to:


  • Listen to and become aware of what is happening in your body 
  • Become aware of and  follow your own energy 
  • Strengthen the body in a pleasurable way 
  • Drop awkward self-consciousness 
  • Enjoy your body, your movement and your expression
  • Allow yourself to express what you feel
  • Be clear when you express yourself
  • Set boundaries, get in touch with your truth
  • Encountering yourself and others with open eyes and an open mind 
  • Let go of what you can’t do anything about and be grateful for what you have 
  • Let go of tension and old patterns that no longer serve you 
  • Lead and follow 
  • Be compassionate with yourself and others 
  • Have a steady base 
  • Humbly se and listen clearly   
  • Heal yourself and find inner peace