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To be keenly aware of our bodies singals is a real challenge. Most of us rely only on our intellect, think the the "headoffice" has all the answers and ignore the signals of our bodies. Our thoughts abduct all of our attention or we throw ourselfs into one activity after the other and get surprised when we end up totally exhausted and even depressed.  

"Be open to the messages and mysteries of your body and its symptoms. Be eager to listen and slow to judge. What you learn may have the capacity to save your life."  Dr. Christiane Northrup

In this workshop I invite you to take a break from being run by "the headoffice" , to "come home " by listening to your bodies wisdom and let it lead you into an exploration of the vast opportunities of expression and enjoyment. I invite you to open up to new insights, rest in the present moment and experience the joy of having a body. 

”We are not who we think we are.  We are who we are when we stop thinking.”  Tej Steiner



SHAPESHIFTING - The power of choice

Do we have to stay stuck when we are stuck? Do we have to repeat old patterns over and over again or do we actually have the power to change? In this workshop I invite you to take a look at your patterns and beliefs.

What are the stories and tapes that are running through your mind? Is what you believe true about yourself really the truth, or is it conditioning? Is it possible to shapeshift when stuck in the painbody, through awareness and movement create a state of harmony and peace?

 "God grant me the serenity to accept the people I cannot change, the courage to change the one I can, and the wisdom to know it's me."

Together we will embark the journey of discerning truth from conditioning. You will become aware of your habitual ways, your resistance and what excuses that hold you back from living your full potential. You will get an experience and tools that allow you to  live life more  fully, at peace and exuberant. You'll find your way back to the true purpose of live - to enjoy it!

"So often time it happens, we all live our life in chains, and we never even know we have the key."   The Eagles, "Already Gone"




In this workshop we dive into the shadow aspects of our human nature. We shed light on our shadow patterns. We all have moments where nothing works, when we feel suck, when resistance, tension,  and confusion lead to moments of self-destruction and hopelessness.

"When all you can feel are the shadows, turn your face to the sun." Hellen Keller 

This does not feel to good and we try to hide and dismiss and escape from these parts of ourselves which only leads to deeper discomfort and finally often dis-ease. What we resist persists! In this workshop I invite you to embody your shadow, play with your shadow, release the stagnant energies and liberate your spirit. 

"To heal the ancient battle between darkness and light, we may find that it's less about defeating one or the other, and more about choosing our relationship to both."  Greg Braden





Have you ever had the thought "If someone knew this about me, they would not like or love me anymore". All of us have parts of our personality, history and experiences that we rather hide than share with others. We hide what we think is unlovable.

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi

In this advanced workshop I invite you to lift the vail, explore, share and dance your deepest secrets in a safe environment. To dive deep and then surface with new awareness and a knowingness that you are lovable, warts and all!

“On the dance floor, meeting complete strangers in the beat, you have the opportunity to rip off your mask and relax into the rhythm of connection. Sweat will melt your defenses away. Rhythms shatter one’s need to judge, control, defend, push, blame. In the fleeting energy of the moment there is only the dance.”  Gabrielle Roth, Connections. 


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All emotions channeled through the heart are intrinsically good, yet in our culture we often encounter the belief that certain emotions are better than others. We hold on to "unwanted" feelings ,allowing them to shape and constrict both our movement and expression, sometimes to the point of feeling poisoned, a prisoner of self.

"I expect that others are just like me: they want to wake up; they want to be set free. Freeing the body to experience the power of being. Expressing the heart to experience the power of loving. Emptying the mind to experience the power of self-knowledge. Awakening the soul to experience the power of seeing. Embodying the spirit to experience the power of healing. Movement is my medicine." Gabrielle Roth


In this workshop we will explore the Heartbeat map of the 5Rhythms®. You will befriend and express the different aspects of fear, anger, sadness, joy and compassion and get an experience of how all of the emotions carry a gift for you.